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Race Cancelled - Disappointment. So what do you do ?

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

You spend all the time training to either find the event cancelled or you turn up & some of the event is cancelled. CoVid has played its part. Sometimes weather plays a part. I experienced this in 2019 for the Outlaw Full event. I had done significant bike training in Gran Canary, Cyprus & Majorca, not to mention miles in the UK, including an 80 mile Recce of the actual route. The day itself came & the weather was biblical. On exit from the water after a good 1 hr 15 min 2.4 mile swim to be told, bike cancelled. It was unsafe. Frustrated & relieved in the same breathe - frustration from all the training wasted, but relief not to spend 7 hrs soaked on a bike. The run did take place & my best marathon time ever. The swim was drier than the run !! CoVid has seen several events cancelled. Hopefully they will take place 2022. So a simple 4 km Plymouth Breakwater swim - organisers cancelled

it owing to forecast rough sea condition. Again frustration but acceptance of safety team making a sensible judgement call. So what do you do ? Easy when it’s in Plymouth - go on a Gin Distillery tour & enjoy a chilled time eating & drinking. Mindset - acceptance & work towards the next event …….. how do you deal with it ?

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